Penne with Chicken in Tomato Sauce

Penne with Chicken in Tomato Sauce

So at this new grocery store I went to (and will most likely be going to from here on out) I found fresh basil and it inspired me to make one of my favorite things ever: penne with chicken <3 This is my first time making chicken since I moved here. Kind of crazy. I've been making a lot more vegetarian meals I've realized, and mostly the reason is laziness. I always have rice and eggs and frozen veggies, but I don't just have meat lying around my house.

I grilled the chicken in olive oil with some seasoning and added green peppers, fresh basil, and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce I used is strictly for cooking, and I like it a lot. I used to buy ones that were too runny or had a weird flavor to them, but I like this because I can add fresh herbs to it myself.

I topped it with parmesan cheese and pan fried some green beans in butter. I also made buttered toast to go with this because I felt like I was eating in a restaurant.

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