Level up.

So this will be a short post.

Last week I had a really bad day one day when everything kind of culminated at once. I have just come into a new teaching situation, I rotate 5 schools, dozens of teachers, and thousands of students. It has been so stressful, and on top of that, I usually feel as though I have to do everything perfectly, and do it alone.

Not that I am adverse to taking advice. Lately, though, I haven’t really had anyone I could talk to. Also, I was sick with a cold, had a ton of housework and a lot of social events, and I haven’t been able to read much lately.

It’s funny how I can have SO many things I want to do, and then when I actually have time to do them, I don’t feel up to doing anything anymore.

I have so many books, articles, manga, comics, etc. to read. I have a lot of movies and shows I want to watch. I want my Japanese to improve, I want to become fluent in Mandarin, and I want to be able to have better converstational skills in Korean like I used to. I also want to be a great teacher, or for the time being, a decent teacher. Yeah, that would be nice. Not messing up everything, or at least being able to do one thing, that would be great, thanks.

If any of you have a tumblr, you might have seen the Courage Wolf meme before. He is inspiring, and this week I was reminded of my favorite one:

Courage wolf when life gets harder, you mustve leveled up

I know I need to stop trying to be great at everything my first time. I know I need to let myself have a break when I haven’t read every book on my list, when I don’t feel like cooking dinner that night, or when I spend more money than I think I should have.

Everything is a learning experience, and every challenge along the way means you are getting better at something.

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