So today is Halloween! Yay! I wore a Jack O’ Lantern scrunchy and gave my students halloween stickers in one class.

Most of my other JET friends were allowed to go all out and dress up, and I might be allowed to do that next year, but today was the day one of our student-teachers was having her last English lesson and her evaluation. We had about six other people watch the class, so they wanted me to wear my normal attire.

I got candy, though, so there’s that! Pumpkin pudding flavored kit kats. My mom sent me a Halloween/food themed package and I am supposed to get it in the mail today! Yay food! Appreciate boxed meals, people. They basically don’t exist here and I go crazy without hamburger helper and sloppy joes…

Also, in the lesson today we taught the phrase ”When is your birthday?” so the teacher had the students ask me when my birthday is, and I told them April 12th. So a miracle happened after class, and one of my male students came up to me after class and told me IN ENGLISH that his brother has the same birthday as me! I was so happy!! Finally! Communication! hahaha

Today I am done with classes so I had to make lesson plans and I have to head to a meeting soon.

Tomorrow my Junior High School is having a chorus type thing where they will sing in front of parents I’m assuming. Right after I get off, I am getting on a bullet train to Kyoto to spend my three day weekend there with my friends I haven’t seen in a year!

I used to be in a theatre club at Ritsumeikan, and most of my best friends from my club are in their last play starting on Monday, and I don’t have work, so I get to go see them.

I know I promised to do NaNoWriMo and blog every day, but I probably (most likely) won’t be writing until I get back. I can try to blog anyway, but I’m not making any promises.

Some people have talked about doing posts of parts of their WIPs, so I might do a challenge like that where I take a few paragraphs and show them off to all of you. Ah, my nerves. I seriously haven’t looked at some of that writing in years.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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