Tonight I came back home by Shinkansen and I did actually write quite a bit on my iPad, but I still have yet to hit the daily word quota…

My word count for today is a whopping 4532.

I will write a HUGE post tomorrow, but it’s already past my bedtime and I have school tomorrow. 

I realized tonight that when I say, “I have school,” what I mean is, “I have work,” but I guess I should clarify because I went around my old university campus today (the one I studied abroad at) and totally passed as a student, so I feel a little weird. I want to be known as a teacher so well that when I say, “I have school tomorrow,” people automatically know I’m not going there to study. Probably won’t ever happen, but I can dream, right?


I really want to sleep. Nay, I NEED to sleep.


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