So yesterday I didn’t get any more wordage into my WIP. But I was ahead so I let myself relax for the rest of the day and it was nice.

Today I went to a party! So I am kind of (extremely) obsessed with a group called NEWS.

When I was in high school, I didn’t have much of a life, I had basically no friend until junior/senior year.. and I had no real passion for anything. I would come home and be bored and emo. It was pathetic.

So one day I saw this video on youtube and immediately fell in love with Massu.

Whatever. Make fun of me if you want. But this group saved me. I was in the pits of despair, and they gave me something happy to listen to. I went from putting on band tees and eyeliner to posting brightly colored posters in my lockers, learning Japanese, singing about never giving up on my dreams, and smiling. 

NEWS makes me extremely happy and I love them. I owe them a lot. So I went to my first NEWS concert in August and I TOUCHED MASSU’S HAND. He came over to my section during a song, and as he passed me, he let me touch his hand. But then he saw that I was holding his uchiwa, so he reached out and grabbed my hand, squeezing it and nodding at me. I died. Completely dead. THEN my second favorite member, Koyama, came over and I got to touch him too. I met his mom by the way. We’re getting off topic.

So tomorrow, Monday, the 11th of November (in case your time zone is different) is Tegoshi Yuya’s birthday. (And, yes. That man is 26 tomorrow and he’s a pretty woman than I am. Or most people are. Gah it’s unfair. He sparkles in person. I’m not really kidding.)

Well Japanese fans are crazy in love with our idols, and so we usually do stuff for their birthdays. Except, I never had any real Johnny’s friends who would do stuff like that with me. But I was introduced to a lady who LOVES him, and she invited me to her house for curry nabe (DELICIOUS) and CAKE with his name on it. And we sat around watching NEWS DVDs and they were all impressed that I could do all the dances to all the songs and it was awesome. They even did my nails, and now I have the NEWS logo on one of my fingers. I tweeted most of these pictures, so go on there and see for yourself!

Also, this lady had an autographed ball they throw at concerts from Tegoshi, and I got to hold it (in it’s case, of course) and it was so cool. 

Anyway. I really had fun today being myself. I was still stressing about work in the back of my mind, but I had good food, good company, and pretty boys to watch on TV. What a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

I came home and did a quick word war with my friend. We both got around 320/330 words in ten minutes 😀 That’s all I want to write today because technically it is already past my bedtime… and I have a day without internet at work tomorrow, so I’m going to be cutting pictures and laminating things for this week’s elementary school visits.

So after I get done doing that, I will have HOURS of internet-free writing time. Yes! Just what I need. I wanted to have 20k by tonight, but 15.8k is good enough for now. I didn’t hit the daily count, but whatever.

I’m not really tired… but I really need to rest because this week has the potential to be stressful.

Goodnight everyone! Or good morning. Either way, I hope you had a good, productive, stress-free weekend. Oh, you didn’t? Yeah… those happen, too. But we get another one soon! 

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