So. I had a day at the office today because some of my schools were off. It was good for me, because I had to print, cut, laminate, and cut (again) over a hundred game cards and vocabulary flash cards for my week at elementary schools this week.

I spent SIX HOURS doing that. I thought I would spend 2 and then get to writing. Nope. I wrote about 600 words after that at work and waited until I got home to do anymore.

So I did a word war over skype and got a good 421 words in. Then I did a 40 minute sprint over twitter and got in 886 words. THEN I sat my butt down and got to work and finished the chapter I was working on and started the next one to make sure I don’t lose steam for tomorrow, and I FINALLY got back on track with my word count.

Now, I wasn’t that behind. But I wrote 2430 words today just to get over the daily word count goal, which is 18333. I got to 18,345 and I’m proud of it. 

Now I get to watch The Walking Dead and go to sleep. 

I really hope tomorrow goes well, because the last time I was at this school, things didn’t go well at all. But no matter what happens, I have my precious Work In Progress waiting patiently for me at home.


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