Keeping it short because I would like to do some things before bed… or I would have liked to… it’s already almost my bedtime and I need to shower and I wanted to watch Walking Dead because I didn’t get to watch the new episode last night. 

So today at school wasn’t so bad. There’s a lady who grinds on my nerves, though. I’m pretty sure she grinds on a lot of other people’s nerves, so I’m not alone. But she just has this high pitched voice and tells me to do stuff or makes me feel like an idiot for things that aren’t my fault and I kind of sort of want to punch her in the nose sometimes.

BUT. Today was better and I got through my lessons and only one of them was kind of iffy because I didn’t do logistics right. But I got it right the second time! And it made me think a lot about failure, and how if I didn’t ‘fail’ that lesson the way I had, I wouldn’t have grown. And if I hadn’t had a bad experience at that school last month, I probably wouldn’t have had such good lessons today.

The rest of the week is a cake walk compared to today, because my other schools are really awesome and have cool people.

But today there were two kids who walked with me down the hall after class and talked to me. The boy said, “Sensei, aren’t you glad that one kid who always yells in class wasn’t there today?” And I told him that I didn’t really notice, but yes, I was glad they were a little quieter in class today. Then the girl speculated that the reason he always yells is to get my attention because he likes me, and the boy said, “Yeah it’s probably because he doesn’t have a girlfriend!”

Pfft. What? haha I love my kids. I just felt so happy that they remembered me and were trying to make me feel welcomed and appreciated. Kids are cute like that. Teenagers, not so much. My Junior High 3rd graders rock. But they are also extremely crazy. It’s part of the reason I love them so much.

So ……

I GOT TO 20,000 WORDS!

Yesssss. So happy. I did two word sprints (man, those things really work for me) and got 2/3s of the way through today’s goal, but I got stuck in my description of how this scene is going, so I wrote a few notes to myself to fix it later and hashed out the last bit, and now I am about 86 words over today’s daily wc goal. 

Now I am off to bed. 

I took a nap today, so maybe I can stay up to watch my show, but I really should probably sleep.

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