It was cold today. I wore gloves to ride my bike to school and bought a bottle of hot tea at the convenience store, but it wasn’t so hot by the time I got to school… 

I had a FULL day of classes (6 in a row with one break for lunch) and although as a whole they went pretty well without problems, I just get frustrated a lot. The first period, I went upstairs to set up and didn’t have the TV or computer needed for my powerpoint. And the teacher didn’t come in the room until about 10 minutes after the bell rang! My students said, “He’s mad right now.” but I don’t know how that excuses him from helping me prepare for the lesson or, you know, handle the classroom at all. I’m supposed to be the assistant, and although I’m usually not, I would kind of like the real teacher to be in the room.

Anyway, enough about that. On the way home from school today, I went shopping. I initially went to get dinner and a magazine, but I ended up splurging on a few things. I got a Pokemon Calendar that is on promotion right now at McDonald’s in Japan, and I got me a cheeseburger so I could save time and not cook. I got new pajamas! Pink and made of fleece so they are warm and perfect for winter. I feel so cute in them haha. And I have been wanting this stuffed lamb for the longest time, so today I adopted him. I need someone to keep me company, and he was the cheapest and most low-maintenance one I could find.

I went home and ate, and not long after that I got to writing. I have been doing word sprints every day because for some reason they just work for me. I am so competitive, so knowing that my number of words will show up on the twitter feed alongside other people’s just makes me work harder. I did really well, too. In 20 minutes I wrote 524 words, and in 40 I wrote 1024. Crazy, right? Because that meant I got to my daily count and now I have time to be lazy and goof off.

Lately I have been putting off writing until the last minute, and I procrastinated. And even though I was doing things I wanted to, I felt guilty because I hadn’t written yet. But now I can relax. I put on my pjs, had my lamb by my side, stuck my legs under my kotatsu (table heater with a blanket – because Japan doesn’t have central heating and that’s as close to it as I can get) and just wrote. And I really liked my scene, too. Yesterday the words were probably awful because my heart wasn’t in it. And I love my story and my characters, so I didn’t feel like I was doing them justice when I wasn’t feeling it.

Anyway. Now I can rest and mentally prepare for tomorrow. Two more school days before the weekend, and I plan on using at least one whole day for just writing and relaxing. And cleaning. That’s a thing that needs to happen.

I hope all your November endeavors are going splendidly!

Now stop procrastinating!

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