Yesterday I was too tired to write a proper blog post, so I gave you a quote instead!

I spent the day cleaning the house, doing laundry, doing dishes, and what not. I didn’t get much writing done, so I had to make up for that today.

I also watched a movie called The Truman Show (1995) with Jim Carrey. It was really good and I liked the concept a lot.

Today I watched football and skyped with my parents and wrote 3000 words, so now I’m back on track. I am nearing the climax, so I’m not sure how much longer my story is going to be. If I finish my story before I finish 50k for NaNo, I won’t really mind. Already, it’s at 85k+ and it’s long enough to get me started as a first draft. I do have scenes I skipped when writing, so I have to go back and flesh those out, and I’m sure once I read a ton of the beginning descriptions, I’m going to want to cut stuff out.

But I met up with a fellow Wrimo near where I live and I’m so excited to be making friends. I live alone in a town as the only foreigner so it gets lonely and monotonous sometimes. I am so thankful for writing because it gives me new friends, and the friends I already have get to know me better through my writing and I get to know my friends through theirs as well. There is just something magical about the written word.

I am becoming exhausted with writing. It’s the third week now and I have to force myself to write. I love my story and I love how it’s going, and I’m producing a lot of good quality stuff, but the quantity is taking forever. Maybe it’s because I had to write 3k today to get back on target, but I am just so burnt out.

I have two days off from work next week for a JET conference, so I’m excited about that (aka not going to work and seeing my friends) and I’m back at my middle school for three weeks, and the students aren’t testing anymore, so I FINALLY get to see my lovely third years again. Those kids crack me up. And they love English class a lot better than the first years.

So I had a great, relaxing, productive weekend and I got far in my novel. I am almost hoping I can finish it before November ends because I have been watching videos of book hauls and I am so ready to get back to reading that I’m buying kindle versions and books on amazon left and right. Someone save me! Every time I think of a good book I want to read, thinking about writing mine sounds terrifying haha. Definitely isn’t healthy.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend. Let’s work hard for another week!

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