I am so close to finishing this thing, I can taste it. I can smell the wonderful smell of a new, crisp hardback book, MY BOOK, in my hands as I open it for the first time, reading my name on the cover.

I just finished writing for the day, and I caught up to the goal for the day! I’m glad I didn’t force myself to write too much more last night because I was so exhausted and I went to bed kind of late. In turn, I woke up around 5am to the sound of wind that has been keeping me awake and waking me up lately for the past few days. So I went back to sleep but didn’t wake up until 9am.

I’m supposed to be at work at 8:30.

So I called my supervisor and she drove me to school. I felt so bad. I was a few minutes late to class, but everyone was just worried that I was ok, and no one really yelled at me. I am going to be setting three alarms from now own. And I better not be waking up at 5 anymore. That has to stop.

Anyway, I had a full day of classes and I had fun talking to my students today. I even stayed late after school ended (partly to fulfill my duty and be there to make up for the time I was late, and partly to grade papers. Yes. I grad papers now. I feel cool.)

I came home, made dinner, and didn’t spend too much time relaxing. I got to writing and wrote over 2k today.

My total for NaNoWriMo is 33,429 words, and my total word count on my novel is 92,043. When I first started writing this thing, I swore I would only get to 90k, and now I’m well past that and still chugging, with the climax, ending, and epilogue to go.

So it’s bedtime, and I’m happy with today, even though it started off not so great. At least it will make for a good story down the road. I’m already able to laugh at myself a little… but I would rather isolate this incident to one occasion.

I only have three classes tomorrow, so I get more time to relax, hopefully. Not having first period always makes the rest of the day go by smoothly. I am NOT a morning person.

Goodnight, wrimos and all you other crazy people working on crazy projects. 

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