Hit my goal for the day! 35,000 words!

However, I seriously doubt I will make it to 50k for NaNo. I really want to win, but I didn’t want to use any words I wrote before November, and the next scene I write is my climax scene. Then all I have is the falling action, wrap up, and epilogue. And that should and will not take 15k to do. 

I’ve decided that if, after I finish the ending and all that, I feel up to writing some more, I will go back and put in two scenes I have yet to add. I’m sure there’s plenty of other things I skipped while writing a while ago.

Who knows. I am at 93k total and it’s so surreal to me. I don’t get a real Saturday because I have to judge a speech contest. But Sunday is my writing day and I even have a NaNo buddy! That might be the day I finish, who knows! 

I’m rooting for all you writers out there! It is so hard to keep going. It is daunting thinking about all the edits and revisions and rewrites and write-ins I still have before me. But I know that after taking December off I will be raring to go again. 

We can do this!

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