Today I woke up early on this fine-weathered Saturday morning and judged a debate contest!

These students speak English so well, but even the ones who were lacking in English could debate with the best of them! I was so inspired and it was invigorating to watch such a nice competition and be a part of it.

That said. It is now 11pm and I am dead tired. I know I didn’t write much yesterday, and today I only wrote 630 words on my novel. But it’s still 630 closer to the end! And the end is in sight! Next Saturday is the finish line!

I am going to try to catch up and I might try to turn tomorrow into a 7, 8, or even 10k day (ahahaha yeah right) and finish my novel. I really do want to finish it sooner than the 30th, and I have kind of given up getting to 50k for this month. I know I am just exhausted and I shouldn’t give up already, but realistically if this story continues for another 13,000 words, most of that will be pointless babble unless I go back and add things to previous scenes, which I don’t have the energy to do.

But I will keep going and work hard tomorrow to finish my first draft. I think as long as I get to 100k and I write a semblance of the climax, I can add a decent ending (falling action) and my epilogue. Thinking about it that way, if I do 5k tomorrow, I will definitely be done.

And I SO want to be done.

I have been working on this first draft for three years.

If I am able to write “The End” on it tomorrow, I might cry of joy. And in a few weeks I will subject my poor, innocent friends to read it. So get ready.

I am being bad and I broke out playing my Ace Attorney 4 game. What? Don’t look at me like that. If I’m going to procrastinate, I might as well do something I enjoy rather than looking at Facebook for hours.

And we all know reading is out of the question because at this point if I read so much as a good article I might cry myself to sleep and never finish this darn thing.

So finish it tomorrow, Eleanor and Park (or Insurgent, I can’t decide) tomorrow night. Sounds good to me.

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