I am at the point of Almost.

Almost finished with my first draft. Almost done with NaNoWriMo. Almost got to 5k today. Almost have a massive headache.

Almost is a strange place to be. I know I will finish soon, and I am on the edge of my seat. However, writing today was incredibly difficult. I was paralyzed by the thought of ending my book, and I almost forgot to just keep on doing what I’ve been doing and let the characters lead me. But I’m halfway through the climax, and then I have falling action and I’m done.

I wrote 4,618 words today. In total, I have 99,301 words on my first draft so far. To me, that’s kind of insane.

Tomorrow I will pass 100k and I will probably at least get to 45k with NaNo, and possibly more if I don’t finish my draft before 50k. But when I outlined my book, I thought I would MAYBE get to 90k. And just the other day I got to 90k. And now I am on the precipice of 100k and it blows my mind.

Almost. I’m almost there.

I’m so happy I caught up in word count today because yesterday it looked and seemed daunting. But I sat down and did it. I want to finish my draft before Nov. 30th. But we shall see. 

Here is a chart of my progress so far. Nice, eh?

I have a two day JET Skills Development Conference, so there is a high chance that I will be wiped out these next two nights. But I am going to power through.

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