Well. It’s Friday evening in Japan. Finally time to relax.

This week was extremely hard, lonely, exhausting, and strange.

At school: I was slapped in the face for the first time in my life by a student who was mad I didn’t give me a sticker. A teacher made him come and apologize later. But that same day, another boy grabbed me by the biceps and squeezed until I had a nice throbbing pain for a good ten minutes. He also was made to come and apologize. Today, I didn’t do much as a teacher and yet they told me I had to come next week sometime during one of my open periods. The problem is that they forced my teachers at that school to open a slot because they thought I might need preparation time for this open class event next week. But we went over it a million times today, so I kept asking, “Why is it necessary for me to come if there will be nothing for me to do?” So the guy got mad at me (he’s not even one of my teachers, by the way, just a supervisor type of person) because I was complaining that I didn’t want to show up to prepare. But honestly there would be nothing for me to do and it’s a waste of my time to bike across the city for no reason.

At home: I started reading Insurgent and I am thoroughly disappointed with it. I loved Divergent so much that I expected to fall in love with this book as well, but the pacing, writing, characterization, etc. is all going down hill, and fast. I guess it’s good for me to read this right after I just wrote a novel. I can use it as “what not to do” and read good books before January to know “what to do” but ugh. I want to finish it but I might just skim it because at this point I’m mad it’s wasting my time. Series are stating to weigh on me. If you have a good story, try to get it in one book. Because by the third one, you will burn out and it won’t be any fun to read anymore. I started watching New Girl, which is an AMAZING show. I love the dynamic, and the characters are hilarious. It’s a nice break and it’s not a show I kept up with, so I have a lot of episodes to watch. Unlike with Parks and Rec, which doesn’t come back until FEBRUARY.

I am itching to edit my novel but I know I need to wait until January. I’m reading a good book called Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris. It has a ton of good editing ideas I am raring to try. I have so many books to read, though, so I’m good for a while.

Also, I really love going home every day. I mean, I know lots of people enjoying leaving work because, I mean, come on, you get to go home! But I love leaving because all my students are usually leaving at the same time. Today I went home from a different school, but passed by my main junior high school and got to wave at all my students. I felt like a hero. They hadn’t even seen me today. Ahh. So cute. I always come home with a smile on my face. It’s a joy to teach children and teens most of the time. Usually my biggest problems lie not with the students but with the teachers. I am so ready to start taking my graduate classes online so I can delve into tons of reading on education.

What are your work days/weekends usually like? How is everyone recovering from NaNoWrimo? It is so strange to come home and not have to force myself to write. Editing is much more my style, so I’m excited to get started.

P.S. I would love new Goodreads buddies and Twitter followers. Despite my immense list of things to read, I always welcome more.

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