So I was officially accepted to Troy University!

I will be embarking on a journey as a grad student! My degree will be a Master of Science in Adult Education with a concentration in Leadership Studies. So long and awesome! My Bachelor’s had a long title, too.

I start classes in May and I will do my degree part time, only taking 3 credits every 9 week term. Since I work full time overseas, it’s awesome that I found the perfect program for me that is affordable and flexible. I wasn’t sure how I felt about online degrees until I found this MS at Troy.

I want to be a study abroad/foreign student advisor, and there aren’t many degrees you can get that relate to that specifically. But my class requirements gets me excited and I’ve already found Kindle versions of my textbooks. Technology is awesome.

As an ALT, I sometimes feel underutilized. Teaching English isn’t exactly HARD. Working in a different culture with people who are clueless about English or other cultures is the main struggle most of us have. But boredom gets the best of us sometimes, and I need to stimulate my mind.

I still need to finish editing my novel. We are on spring break at the moment, so I have some time at the office to do it, but I haven’t been bringing my laptop to work because I need a new one. I should get the one I just bought in the mail soon!! I got a student discount on a new macbook pro so I’m really excited about using a computer that doesn’t stall or have a ton of problems. My macbook is an old white one and has been to Japan and back (to America) more times than I can count. It’s had a stressful life of moving around…

I’ve been keeping up with my book challenge! I got a little behind, but I’m better now. I finished reading Anna and the French Kiss. You can read my review on goodreads. I am reading Teaching Critical Thinking by bell hooks right now. It’s a nice collection of essays regarding education, so it’s getting me prepped for things I will be reading for my studies in May.

I started watching Once Upon a Time and I got caught up on The Walking Dead. It’s nice to be able to unwind for a weekend and sit in watching shows in English. I also went to Oita recently and hung out with some JETs there. One night, we decided to see Frozen (it just came out in Japan a few weekends ago) in 3D and the audience was half Japanese, half JETs.

We finally have cherry blossoms and warm weather! I made an instagram if you want to check out some pictures of what spring looks like in Japan.


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