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 I love the Talk to Me in Korean website, and I was even able to visit the You Are Here cafe in Seoul back in August. I actually sat in on one of their Korean study sessions when I was there as well, and I saw Kyung-hwa Sun (pictured above) explaining vocab and grammar, which was really cool!

I knew I wanted a textbook from the TTMIK team because they are in English and are created by those who understand the needs of their audience. The team is so passionate about making videos, doing audio lessons, putting up free PDFs, and more, all to make sure that the students of Korean can come away with a better understanding of Korea and the language, while having fun at the same time.

This book was the first textbook I bought from them and I love it! The book is called Korean in Action, and each chapter focuses on a topic that might come up in daily life. Some of the chapters include reading books, going to the movies, getting around with transportation, and other such activities.

Each chapter has pictures and vocabulary and sample sentences. It is a quick guide to expanding your vocabulary if you are tired of saying the same bland sentences all the time, or if you need a boost to help you explain something more complicated than just, “I went to the movies.”

This is more of a reference guide than a workbook, but it’s perfect for me with my level of Korean. I want to master these phrases and use them to impress my boyfriend and his friends and family the next time I go to Korea! Definitely check it out if your vocabulary needs a splash of interesting and contemporary.

You can purchase the book here and check out the wide variety of other books they offer. Each comes with a PDF or ebook version, which is what I ordered. I can always have it on my computer rather than lugging it around with the rest of my books. Let me know what other books or resources you use to study Korean/foreign languages!

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