My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy – Book Review

 I have been following Grace and her husband Ryosuke’s blog for some time now, and I really enjoy reading about their adventures as an international couple. Living in Japan myself, I can really relate to a lot of the things she talks about. She gave me a PDF version of her book to review and I was happy to do so!

The comic book depicts her life as a freelancer and wife of a Japanese salary man. The couple is quirky and loves to travel and share their experiences being married to someone of a different culture. Grace reminds me of me when I first came to Japan. She has an interest in everything and tries to understand and explain as much of the culture as she can. I have been living here for so long that I sometimes forget how different Japan is and just how strange life here can be.

Her comics are cute and show off her personality. I love the fact that she is very open and optimistic, and I love her attitude on life. Ryosuke has a very caring and silly personality, so the two make for a funny combo.

A lot of the comics are ones she has put on her blog, but there are some that she included exclusively in the book. She also adds some narrative about her life in Japan and about intercultural relationships. The book has a whimsical feel but is also good at giving some real perspective on living in another country and on relationships.

I definitely would recommend the book to those who love Japan and want to learn more about it, and to anyone in an interracial relationship. Sometimes it’s really nice to relate to someone in a similar situation, and the Minetas do a great job of showing both the good and the difficult. I hope to see more of her work in maybe a volume 2! She has gained lots of popularity so I see bright things for her future.

My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy is available now on Amazon!

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