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This is my last week in Japan, but I just couldn’t leave without seeing my nail artist again, so I got them done yesterday. I’ve always loved doing my nails, ever since I started painting them to break my (once) bad habit of biting them. Now even if my nails aren’t polished, I try to keep them looking clean and nice between trips to the salon.

When I first arrived on JET, I didn’t know how to find a good nail artist, as there aren’t many big salons near me. I struck gold when I found a private nail artist right down the road from my house. I called her to ask about making an appointment and she was so nice and helpful and explained how to get to her apartment which doubles as her studio. The first time I went, it was cherry blossom season, so I got her to put sakura stickers on my nails!


I really loved the way she let me pick a design from a magazine or online and then she would let me pick the colors and jewels and shape of my nails. I really loved going to her because it was not only close to my house, it was a really personal experience and I didn’t have to go into a big, busy salon. Her apartment is modern, she let me talk or relax depending on my mood, and I could watch TV while getting my nails done. I went to her again before summer break (when I first visited Junkyu in Korea) and I loved the ocean ripple design she was able to achieve.


I went again before Christmas break, when I went to Korea again, and I was amazed at how pretty my nails could look with the pearls and snowflakes. The colors suited me perfectly and got me in the mood to shop and be merry.


My mom and grandma came to visit Japan during cherry blossom season, and Junkyu was able to visit during that time, too, so we went flower-viewing. My nails were a gradient pink, done right before my former Japanese host brother’s wedding.


My friend also got hers done with polka dots and a kitty on her pinky!


Before I went to Korea over Golden Week, I decided to get princess nails. Junkyu proposed during that trip, and my nail design truly brought out the beauty of my engagement ring.



Then in early summer, I went to two NEWS concerts on the WHITE tour. I decided to get black and white for the overall tour theme, but since Massu is my favorite member, I got his color; yellow! This leopard print was so bold and fierce and it made me feel really confident and excited for the concerts.


And now that my time in Japan is coming to a close, I have beautiful nails to mark the occasion and start my vacation in America off right. I love this sparkly marble design, and my nail artist said, “Isn’t this the most sparkly design you’ve ever had?”


I will really miss going to my nail artist. She did a great job and I loved pampering myself every now and then. Getting my nails done helped me destress and gave me something to look forward to and admire each time. I got GEL designs, which last about 3-4 weeks, and are easy to take off without going to get them removed. I hope when I get to Korea I can find a good nail artist who can help me continue my love of having beautiful nails.

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