Pajama Day

My mom and I have a word for the kind of day where you plan to stay in and get some much needed rest: A Pajama Day.

The past few weeks have been so stressful at work, and this is the last week of my current graduate school class, so I had a huge paper and a presentation due, and I have a test coming up soon. It’s been hard coming home and actually resting, as I always feel like I need to get something done rather than relax.

I think it’s a mind over matter thing, and a few articles have been helping me get through it, so if you’re like me and need someone to tell you, “It’s okay to take a real break and do nothing,” then here you go:

The Science behind Why Introverts Need Alone Time

The Science behind Why Introverts Struggle to Speak

It’s Not Just You – 29 Introvert Problems

Dear Empath, We Need You – This one is especially well-written and touched my heart.

I’d especially recommend Introvert, Dear, as that’s the site I’m getting most of my current mood-boosters from. Highly Sensitive Thoughts is another great one.

Anyway, Saturday my fiancé and I had plans to go to a concert, and we were really looking forward to it. However, we also had to do a few errands and pay a visit to his friend who just opened a store, and we ended up spending a lot of the day in the car. We were tired and annoyed when we got home, and then I got a message asking if I had time on Sunday. I volunteered to help out with a play that’s next weekend, and they wanted me to visit the theatre to get to know what I would be working with.

I was really hoping (and planning) on just staying home all day, getting homework done, reading my book, knitting, and enjoying my Christmas tree and decorations. Since I don’t have my own car, I thought about riding with Junkyu, but he was going to be out for most of the day getting a haircut and visiting his mom and his friend again, and I was not up for another long day in the car.

I started to get really upset. I said I would meet them, but the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to rearrange all of my plans to relax and recharge at home in order to be stuck in the car again. Then I told them no. I knew there was a way I could meet them on another day, and I decided to stand up for my right to stay home.

I woke up late, cleaned the house, put up our new house plants, got my homework done, and knit while watching my Korean drama (Producers, by the way). It was glorious. I’m still enjoying it as I write this. I wanted to write while I was still in a good mood, since I am finding that it’s hard for me to blog after school.

I highly endorse giving yourself a pajama day. I had a lot of them in Japan, and they were often less productive, but still good for my soul.

But why does it feel like my weekends are always too short…

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