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After a long and busy last week at my job, I am finally free to rest, relax, and take a break! I was really unhappy at my job and there were nights when I wished I wouldn’t have to go in and mornings when I really thought about picking up the phone and calling in sick.

I’ve had a few jobs since graduating from college, and although I didn’t thoroughly enjoy them, none of them were as bad as this. I was always stressed, the people I worked with were volatile and unpredictable, and I felt disrespected and invisible. I barely had time to myself, I never felt able to be myself, and I had one friend in the whole place who I felt comfortable with. However, she worked downstairs and we barely saw each other and neither of us felt comfortable really talking about things until we escaped to a coffee shop or to dinner.

Now that I’m about a month away from being married, I need something that will allow me more freedom; something that will not be so stressful. I want to really become a great wife to Junkyu, and I know that with a job change, I will feel much happier and healthier. As they say, happy wife, happy life!

A friend from my theater group works at a kindergarten closer to our house, and she loves it. They were looking for a part-time teacher, and the position was exactly what I was looking for. I went in for an interview, and immediately the staff were so sweet and respectful and they showered me with praise and hopes that I would join them.

I got great vibes from the place, and I felt like it was a great opportunity, so I signed the contract! I will only be working three days a week, teaching two classes a day, so I am going to have lots more free time. Hopefully, after the wedding, I will find other opportunities to grow myself professionally, and I have a lot of options now that I’m not tied down to a full-time job.

My first day is tomorrow, so I’m excited and I’m getting in some much-needed down time. Right now I’m so optimistic about my life and the future! I’m excited for our wedding, I’m in a better mood, and I have time to devote to myself and my pursuits. I’m reading more, making more friends, and learning more about Korean culture and how to adapt to life in Korea.

I truly hope none of you have to work with bullies who make you crazy every day, and I hope that if you aren’t happy with your job, you are able to find something better suited to you. Where you work truly impacts your daily life and the people you love, so don’t be afraid to quit if it’s something you know you aren’t happy doing.

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  1. You were a teacher back in Japan too, right?
    I’m curious about one thing, though. When applying for a teaching job there, say for English classes, and you’re a foreigner, what would the requirements be? I mean, the most common ones. Do they request any specific qualifications?

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