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A few weeks ago, we went to a photography studio to get our pre-wedding photos taken. It’s a concept we don’t have in America (although we do take engagement photos, they are usually taken outside and are not as posed) but I have always wanted to do it. When one of my favorite Youtubers, Bubz, was getting married, she and her fiancé went to Seoul for a photoshoot. I obsessively watched her wedding photoshoot videos, wishing I could do the same.

In Korea, taking pre-wedding photos is basically a must. The wedding day is usually quick and stressful for the couple, who has to greet lots of family members, and there isn’t really time for lovey-dovey photos of the two of them. Our wedding will be a traditional Korean wedding, so I won’t be wearing a white dress. However, I still wanted to get my pictures done with Junkyu in proper Western style wedding attire.

He used to think that whatever we don’t have in America, I wouldn’t care to do, but I told him that the things that I don’t get to do in America but are a part of Korean culture are the things I want to do the most. When I told him I wanted to take pre-wedding photos, he was surprised I knew about the concept.

We found a great studio and made an appointment for the day before Valentine’s Day. The photoshoot took about 8 hours in total. We got there, chose what kind of concepts we wanted for our pictures, I chose three wedding dresses, and then we got into hair and makeup. I was put into my first dress and taken upstairs to meet our photographer.

I was told by the staff members that it would be funny to pretend like I couldn’t speak Korean, but watching the photographer fumble in English was too hard to watch. After we told him I can speak Korean, he was relieved. There were a few times when I didn’t understand him, so Junkyu would tell me what to do, but by the end of the photoshoot he was used to telling me “Chin down, look here,” and the like.




He was a great photographer, and even before the photos were edited, they looked glamorous. I had a really sweet lady who was my assistant getting into and out of dresses, and we had fun while we were there, although it was exhausting. I changed into a mini dress at one point, and then into a red party dress. In total, I wore 5 dresses, but we forgot to bring out hanbok, so we couldn’t get any pictures in them.




Towards the end, we wore our couple tee shirts and jeans for the “casual” concept. All of the pictures were really beautiful, even the simple ones. We took about 450+ photos, and we could only choose 20 for our album. One of those will be blown up large and framed, and three others will be framed in smaller frames as well.





The largest frame is usually what people bring to their wedding ceremony, to place outside the room they are getting married in, to let friends and family know where they are. This is because many weddings are done in wedding “halls” where hundreds of couples get married in the same building on the same day. Without the couple’s picture, it would be hard to tell where to go as a guest.







We went back to the studio a few weeks later to choose which 20 we liked best to put in our album and have framed. However, it felt wrong to just choose 20, so Junkyu bought all the files of all the pictures we took. Even though only 20 of them are edited, the others look beautiful just how they are. Korean people love photoshop, though.



We got the 20 pictures that we chose to have edited back, and we are still waiting to get the frames and album. I’m excited to see how everything turns out in physical form. Our wedding is just a few weeks away, and we are so excited!



Our pre-wedding photos were taken in Daejeon at a studio called Total Wedding결만사 and they did a great job, so check them out if you are ever looking to have wedding pictures done. They can also help with anything wedding related, such as rings, hanbok, and honeymoon travel information. They didn’t sponsor this, I just really loved them but had a hard time finding info in English, so I thought I’d pass it along!

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16 thoughts to “Our Pre-Wedding Photos! – 웨딩찰영”

  1. I think the parasol one is my favorite of the two of you, but the one of you posing with the chair is my favorite of all! You look very elegant.

  2. Holy crap those are gorgeous! I wonder if this is even possible to get in the USA? haha.

    I love the one where you’re in the white room with your dress. You look so angelic! You and your fiancee are such a great match 🙂

  3. Omg!! These are all ridiculously cute/pretty/gorgeous/adorable!!!! You guys look totally fab ;D I love the casual concept stuff too, and also the one where you’re dressed formal but Junkyu’s playing with a ball of wool (?) hahaha, so random and cute ^^

    I’m so excited for you~~~~~ ^_______^

  4. Holy crap! I can’t help but marvel at all those pictures! They are so amazing! You two look like Hollywood stars! Oh and congrats, you two! Wishing you loads of happiness!

  5. So beautiful!!! I love this idea and know these will be cherished forever…I am a friend of your mom’s from church and I know how proud she is! Congratulations!

  6. You both look so gorgeous !! I saw bubz pre-wedding photos but yours are soooo good too ^^ Ah I couldn’t wait to see your pictures when you talked about them before now I know why 🙂
    I am pretty sure your wedding’s one will be even better 🙂

  7. So beautiful! I love, love, love pre-wedding photos…honestly, I think brides in the US are missing out on a wonderful thing. My favorite is your photo at the top, but honestly you look so graceful in many of them.

  8. These are so beautiful! I only have a handful of “wedding photos” we took months after we signed our marriage paperwork. Now with a baby on the way, I think our wedding period is officially over. As much as I love seeing these types of photos, I don’t think my husband and I would be comfortable having a photo session centered on us for a long period of time.

    We just got back from our “babymoon” in Hawaii and saw a couple taking wedding photos, they looked pretty silly running around and smiling in wedding gear surrounded by tourists. I think I realized then it wasn’t for us. But either way, these are beautiful! And it’s great to have so many, I hope that you guys have a beautiful ceremony and everything turns out how you hope.

    1. Haha I understand what you mean. I loved the experience because they were so prepared and made us feel comfortable. I also really love weddings and I want to draw out the experience of being engaged and newly wed as much as I can haha. Hawaii is beautiful, I can see why they would be giddy taking pictures there. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for the comment!

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