RIP Luna…

Our kitten Luna was back with us for about a week before showing signs of an illness. I rushed her the vet and they diagnosed her with Feline Panleukopenia (distemper) and didn’t give her good odds on making it. However, this vet was more concerned with her well-being than the first one we went to when she first stopped eating, and he promised not to give up on her.


She was tiny and barely moved when I went to visit her, and she made it five days in there, leading me to believe she could get over it. But last night the vet called us to tell us the news that she didn’t make it. She was a perfect angel, and I’m so sad we didn’t get to fill her life with more love.

We rescued Leo and he was healthy, so I figured it would be okay if we got a kitten from a responsible owner. However, when I saw the ad for little Russian Blues, I was so excited and my husband made a call to the owner right away. Looking back, I feel that he wasn’t a responsible cat owner, as distemper is usually passed down to kittens from their mothers. He brought her over at 8 weeks old, even though kittens taken from their mothers usually aren’t recognized if they go back, and kittens need at least 10 to 12 weeks with their mothers to adapt into well adjusted cats. He didn’t have her vaccinated, and obviously his cat wasn’t tested for FPV, so I’m upset at myself for rushing into getting a kitten, and upset at him for not being more careful.

Leo isn’t showing any symptoms of illness, though, and we believe he was someone’s pet before he was left on the streets, so there’s a good chance he was vaccinated when he was neutered. He was lonely before we got Luna, and they loved each other so much that I still want to find him a baby sister. I know we should find a more responsible owner or rescue a kitten, but for now I’m still grieving our loss. The vet recommended not getting another cat for a while, as the disease can linger in a household (even though we bleached everything she touched).

Luna was adorable and sweet and I would have loved to watch her grow up, but I’m glad she’s not in anymore pain. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her when she was sick.

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