Done with Graduate School! 대학원 끝!

I am so happy and excited to announce that I am done with graduate school! I did it. I finished my Master’s program. No more homework, staying up late to finish papers, and no more deadlines! I am a free woman.

I completed my degree online through Troy University, and I loved my experience. My professors were awesome, and I learned a lot by interacting with my peers. I did tons of research, wrote many many papers, and my final assignment was just shy of 100 pages in length.

The degree I chose is the Master of Science in Adult Education, and I had to choose a concentration, so I chose Leadership Studies. I started taking classes part-time a few months into my first year of teaching in Japan, so it’s been a slow road, but I paid it all off and I did a decent job of balancing a full-time job and wedding planning.

Technically, I haven’t graduated yet, but I’ll have my diploma soon enough. I filed my intent to graduate late (the deadline was the day before my wedding, so I was a little preoccupied) but I won’t need to look for a new job until spring of next year, anyway. Now I can focus on studying Korean, writing, and starting taekwondo again.

I’m on summer break now, and I’m excited to visit my friends in Seoul and in my old stomping grounds in Japan. I hope you all enjoy your vacation if you get one!

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