First Time Cross Stitching – 십자수 첫 작품

My mother used to cross stitch before she had me, and I’ve always looked at her work and wanted to try it. I did attempt my first cross stitch back in high school, but, frustrated, I gave up.

옛날에 우리 엄마는 십자수를 했었다. 그래서 나도 엄마가 했던 작품을 해보고 싶다고 생각을 했다.  하지만 처음에는 너무 불만스러워서 포기 했었다.

This past year, I’ve been experimenting with new crafts and techniques, and I find myself becoming more and more curious. Last year was the first time I ever crocheted, and I made a snowflake ornament that hangs on our tree now.

그래서 올해에 여러 가지 공예를 시도 했었는데 하면 할수록 더 자세히 알고 싶다. 작년에 처음 코바늘 뜨개질을 했었고 눈송이 크리스마스 장식품을 만들었다. 그래서 이번 크리스마스 트리에 걸 수 있었다.

This year, I knit a lot more than I have in the past, and I got a lot of yarn and tools for crafting for Christmas. I also asked for a few cross stitching kits, but before those arrived, I pulled out an embroidery kit that I bought back when I lived in Japan.

올해 옛날보다 뜨개질을 더 많이 했고, 크리스마스 날에 실이랑 도구를 많이 받았다. 십자수 세트도 몇개 엄마한테 부탁 했는데 그것들이 도착하기 전에 일본에서 살았을 때 샀던 자수 세트를 해봤다.

I did it all free-hand, and by the end of it, I had wrist pain, so I ordered me some embroidery hoops and had my mom send me some from America, as well. The embroidery was on a piece of rectangular white linen, and there were only two colors of floss: brown and pink. It took me a few days to complete, but I was happy that I had tried it out. It was easy, as the pattern was printed onto the linen, and now I have a cute sheep-and-yarn display.

놓을 때 수틀 없이 했는에 손목이 많이 아파서 Gmarket에서 수틀를 샀고 미국에 있는 엄마한테 나무 수틀도 부탁 했다. 끝냈던 자수는 그냥 횐색 직사각형 원단에 분홍색 실이랑 갈색 실만 있고 2~3일에 다 끝냈고 해보길 잘했다는 생각을 했다. 도안이 원단에 인쇄 되어서 진짜 쉽고 재미있었고 이제 귀여운 양이 만들어졌다.

After that, I was ready to try cross stitching. However, I needed a small kit that would be easy to use. I found a few patterns on the online Korean marketplace, G-market, and in a few days, they arrived at my door.

그 다음에 십자수를 하기 위에 마음 준비 했다. 그런데 작고 쉬운 세트를 피려 했다. Gmarket에 있는 것을 선택 해서, 오래지 않아 집에 왔다.

The first was a very small design, already printed onto the aida in brown. I liked it enough to complete it, but I’m not sure what to do with it now. I wanted something that wasn’t too complicated or too pretty, in case I messed it up. It turned out pretty well, but I was very inexperienced when I started it, so I had no idea how to start or end cleanly, and the back of it turned out pretty messy, but no one’s going to see that.

도안은 원단에 이미 인쇄되는 진짜 작은 디자인 있었다. 귀엽게 다 끝냈는데 이제는 어떻게 쓰지 모르겠다. 십자수 첫 작품 있었니까, 실수를 많이 할까봐 너무 복잡하고 아름다운 디자인을 선택 하지 않았다. 뜻밖에 잘 나왔는데 뒤는 너무 지저분하다. 다행이 뒤를 볼 사람은 없죠.

I took what I learned from the first project and almost immediately started my second. It’s a pillow with a suction cup on the top, so that my husband can put it in our car. In Korea, most people put their phone numbers in the dashboard of their car, in case the driver blocks in another car and needs to be contacted to move it. Parking here is very scarce.

첫 작품을 하고 배웠던 것을 실행 하고 다른 도안을 바로 해봤다. 남편을 위해 주차쿠션을 만들었다. 미국에 이런것을 필요없는데 한국에서 예쁘게 전화번호를 보여고 싶다.

The pattern is beautiful: two cranes in flight against the clouds, with some bamboo below. It was much easier than the first one, and it wasn’t printed onto the aida, meaning that I had to position it myself. However, I had been annoyed by the first aida with the printed design, as it didn’t always match the pattern, and messed me up a few times when placing my crosses.

도안은 예담이라는 웹사이트에 샀는데 너무 예쁘다. 날 수 있는 학이랑 대나무 이다. 도안은 원단에 직접 인쇄되지 않아서 지난 도안 보다 쉬웠다. 왜냐하면, 도안은 원단에 있을 때 도안이랑 다르때도 있었서 실수 하기 쉬웠다.

My husband loved it, and put it in his car right away. I had some trouble adding the numbers to the bottom, because the size on the pattern was way too small. However, with some fiddling, I got it worked out, and I learned a lot about cross stitching just by teaching myself with these two patterns.

남편은 좋다고 해서 바로 차에서 넣았다. 전화번호 숫자의 도안은 너무 작아서 조정해야 했다. 이 도안들을 사용하고 십자수에 많이 배웠다.

If anyone is curious, I would recommend the company that I ordered the second kit from, as it was very easy to understand. You might need to know a little Korean to figure it out, such as the names of the colors, and the number of strands to use when threading the floss, but other than that, it’s all shown in the pattern. The company is called Yeidam Cross Stitch, and their website is

여러분도 십자수를 하고 싶으면 예담이라는 웹사이트는 여기입니다!

Let me know if you’ve ever done embroidery or cross stitch before!

여러분은 십자수 같은 것을 해 본 적이 있을까?

Note: For this post, I wrote in both English and Korean, which is my third language. I need to practice Korean, so I’m going to try doing this more often. Let me know if you notice any mistakes! I had my husband look over some of it, but I’m trying to build up my confidence in writing on my own.