Back from America!

So we finally got back from our trip to the U.S. where we had our second wedding ceremony for my friends and family! Junkyu’s sister and two nieces came with us and we were busy but we had a lot of fun and made a lot of great memories.

The professional video and photos will be given to me in a matter of time, but for now we’ll all just have to wait! I know they will be fantastic, though, because we hired some really great people to help us capture our wedding day.

We are both tired and already went back to work yesterday, but I just wanted to check in since I haven’t posted in a while. I went to my mom’s house a few weeks early to help her prepare for the wedding. My aunt threw me a bridal shower and my friends and I had an almost bachelorette party (with my husband) which was really fun. I got to see my friends I haven’t seen in 2+ years and tons of family members, and we loved catching up, even though it was sad to say goodbye again indefinitely.

I also bought a lot of clothes, ate a ton of food I’d been missing (Five Guys!!) and I went to the bookstore on multiple occasions and I’m now staring at my big stack of books. I’ll do a book haul post about what books I bought soon. I also went to a comic book store for the first time in my life and got a lot of cool stuff there. I wish I had had more time and energy to really shop for yarn and crafty things while I was there, but we were so busy with the wedding that I didn’t get much in that regard.

Junkyu and I have started waking up at 5/6am so I get a lot done in the mornings but we crash around 9/10pm. We both kind of hope we can stick to getting up early and going to bed early but I’m pretty sure it won’t last, since I’m such a night owl. However, in the past few months, I’ve really enjoyed waking up early for some reason.

It was nice and cool when we left Korea, but now that we are back, it’s rainy and chilly. It’s definitely almost coat weather. I bought a candle at Bath and Body Works called Winter that I’m really excited about using when it comes time to pull out the Christmas tree!

It feels as though our trip was just a dream since it went by so quickly. I was happy I got to show Junkyu and his family some of my favorite places from my youth, such as the Opryland Hotel and the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, as well as the school where I attended middle and high school. At the time I felt like it was a dumb place to be, but every time I’m in town now I feel like I have to visit it, since it’s filled with so many memories. I was able to see my former theatre teacher and she really shaped who I am today. I also got to see a lot of my former history teacher because he was the officiant at our wedding.

My husband has been telling me, “I understand you more now!” now that he’s seen where I grew up and now that he’s learned more about my culture and my family and friends. For now, though, both of us are really happy to be back in our own home in our cute little neighborhood with our two crazy kitties.

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