My First OwlCrate! – May 2018

Ever since finding out about book subscription boxes such as OwlCrate through booktubers, I’ve always wanted to receive one! They look like such a fun way to spice up your reading life, by getting books you’ve probably never heard of before. Also, the little gifts they add in are so cute and I always thought it’d feel like Christmas on a normal day.

Well, I finally took the plunge! I ordered an OwlCrate and it was delivered recently, and I wasted no time opening it. It really did feel like my birthday all over again because of how much fun it was to open. At first, the box seemed too small to hold any books, but it had a lot in it.

First, I opened it up to this postcard-type thing of a warrior woman, and it got me excited about what the books inside it might be.

Next, I found a bath bomb and a fabric wall-art poster of a wolf and a great quote. Wolves and mountains are two of my favorite things, so this is perfect for me. How did they know? I also love the two-sided bookmark, which also has really good quotes on it.

I actually thought I was only getting one book, so I was super excited when I saw there were two! I got a few more little postcards, along with a pin from the Harry Potter Alliance that says “When in Doubt, Go to the Library” (perfect for my Hermione obsession). I also got another pin with two axes on it, and they included a little pamphlet about the books inside and other OwlCrate info. I found out that the cover for Sky in the Deep, by Adrienne Young, the main book in the box, is an OwlCrate-specific cover! The normal cover has a golden axe, and this one is silver. I actually prefers silver, so again – how did they know?!

I also got a little card from the author, and it looks like it was handwritten and then copied onto glossy paper. It was a nice touch and I’ve never heard from this author before, but I loved her description of the book and it made me really excited to read it. The other book is called Catching Stars by Cayla Keenan. Both books are about women warriors, and both are YA fantasy books. I’m excited to read both of them, but particularly Sky in the Deep, which is about vikings!

I have another book subscription box on the way, so stay tuned for that one, too!

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