Back from Europe!

So, I just got back from my 9-week-long solo backpacking trip around Europe! I visited 11 countries, 30+ cities, countless museums and lots of amazing bookstores. I’m still recovering from jet lag and the trip as a whole, but soon I’ll start writing posts about each leg of my trip. It was such an amazing yet exhausting experience and I want to include as many details as possible about it, so I’m planning on posting lots of long posts to cover everything. I kept a journal while I was there, but I type way faster than I write by hand, so this will be a sort of extension of the writing I did. I hope you look forward to reading my upcoming posts and if you’re curious about what I did, go take a look at my Instagram! I posted a lot of pictures from every stop along the way. However, a lot of my pictures will look better once I’ve posted them here on my blog, since Instagram sizes them down and makes me fit them in that annoying square. But they’ll tide you over until my first official trip post!
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