During the day, frustrations arise, but the good thing is that we are writers! We can use all those terrible, mundane, or frustrating things that happen to us for our writing. I have a bad habit of letting nothing bad happen to my characters, but I can use the frusttrations that occur during my day and imortalize people I hate as characters I make my readers hate with me.

I LOVE the movie A Knight’s Tale. It is something I have seen millions of times. I never turn the channel to anything else when that movie is on. One of my favorite lines from the movie (ok, that’s a lie. All of them are my favorite. Hello.) is this one:


Chaucer: I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity.


And for you visually inclined people, I even have a gif!

Last night, I didn’t get a chance to update, but I got to 11775 words! And today at work I did a lot of research on the exact location my characters are in. Because I am crazy like that. Last night putting in (place name) was really driving me crazy.

I am now well over 12.5k which is 25% of the way!!! I am loving my scenes more and more, and although I have been admittedly reading and thinking more about writing than actually getting any done, this process is really working for me. I love you, NaNoWriMo.

I know tonight, without fail, I will be sitting under my pink kotatsu futon watching my timer count down as my mind goes blank. But making myself do it gets it done, and that’s what I need. I can work on pretty later. I need it done. Pretty would be nice, though.

Last night during my procrastination, I managed to start using Twitter again. If any of you would like to follow me, be sure to do that.

Welp, off to record a speech of myself talking about My Dream in English for my cute junior high kids who will probably watch it and laugh. Who cares. I wrote that my dream is to write a book.

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