So I wrote a big post on an awesome night I had at kyudo on Tuesday but I don’t have internet on my computer so I will have to post it when I get my internet back. Ugh. I need it so badly.

Anyway I might as well write about my new diet and exercise plan I’m doing.

So in order to be healthier and get toned for kyudo and for the summer in general, I have decided to stop eating junk. My friend suggested a low-carb diet and I started on Tuesday.

So far it’s been fairly easy. I get to eat lots of fat (meat) and veggies, which I previously rarely ate because I never knew how to cook them, and some fruit and cheese and nuts. Basically all I have to do is find alternatives to bread and rice and pasta in my diet as well as stop snacking on chocolate and cake and ice cream. The thing is, it’s really easy to stop snacking when you do a low-carb diet. I don’t feel like eating sugar anymore.

I’ve made a lot of eggs for breakfast when I would usually just buy bread from the convenience store. I also bought tomatoes, onions, spinach, bell peppers, etc. and I am really surprised that I can eat so many veggies in one meal when just a few days ago I would have pinched my nose at them.

I also keep my house spotless now after finding two cockroaches. Japan is notorious for crazy big spiders and mukade (look it up if you dare) but the worst I’ve seen in my house are tiny spiders and cockroaches. But after keeping my house pristine, I haven’t seen one since. I am terrified of bugs, so the fear of them alone keeps my house clean.

Along with my new diet and my new cleaning regimen, I have begun to workout more. I do planks and crunches and pushups, and sometimes, even during class, I stand on one leg for a few minutes on each side. We did this in taekwondo and it was really good for balance. I have kyudo tonight, and kyudo nights are usually enough to give me a good arm workout, but I occasionally come home and add onto it if I still have energy. I am extremely sore from the past few days, so kyudo is going to be hard enough today.

I get to have samgyupsal for dinner tonight, which I am particularly excited about. I miss Korean food a lot. I can’t eat much of the rice that comes with it, but meat and lettuce sounds fantastic to me right now. For dessert I might have some crunchy peanut butter on celery if I manage to go out and buy some. Otherwise it will be fruit as it has been for the past few days.

I love dairy and meat and I am becoming increasingly aware of the deliciousness of veggies. Hopefully I will get toned in time to order my kyudo hakama.

It’s finally the weekend! I am going to a Hawks baseball game and my first Johnny’s fan (handshake) event. I am also reading a lot of good books and there never seems to be enough time to read them all.

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