Grad School (Rainy) Blues

So we are in the home stretch. Two more weeks for me until I have summer break. Which just means that my schools are off for summer break, but I have to help out with eikaiwa and things at the Board of Education because we are getting a new JET in my city. I am so excited for her to get here. I love living alone, but it will be nice to have someone to eat dinner with every now and then.

These past two weeks have been extremely hectic. I have been busy with kyudo because we are official dojo members now. My name is even on a wooden plank on the wall with all the other members. We have a city wide competition on Sunday, so we have been going in three times a week instead of two. I also had elementary school, which is always more energy-draining than middle school since I have to be the one standing and talking the entire time, and I usually have 5-6 lessons a day.

I am also trying to keep up with my grad school class. I will admit I haven’t been reading the chapters I need to lately, but mostly we are just doing discussions on the forums until our next paper is due. I turned in my first paper early and still don’t have any grades since then. I think my professor is busy trying to answer everyone and grade everything, but I really thought I would have it back by now and we have another one due soon.

Japan is still in rainy season, and now we have a typhoon coming this week, so it won’t stop raining for the next week at least. It really puts a damper on the kids’ attitudes. They were little zombies today now that it’s humid AND hot. Ugh. Summer break can’t come fast enough.

I also have some big news! I didn’t know whether or not to post about my personal life on here, but lately after reading tons of other blogs, I realized that I can probably reach more people by talking about this, so here goes:

I recently started dating a Korean guy. He lives in Korea, so we are long distance. He came to visit me in Japan and I am going to South Korea for summer vacation!! I hope to put up pictures of kyudo and Korea and such. I might do a post on how we met and stuff like that, but I might wait until after I go visit him since I would have more to discuss. But I have been looking up tons of blogs like MyKoreanHusband and so on, and although he’s not my first Korean boyfriend, the outlook with him is far more promising than those I dated in college. We have a language barrier and many many cultural differences, plus the long distance thing, so I have a lot to talk about and I know lots of other people out there are in the same boat as me.

A while back, I was starting to get bummed out about not being able to read for pleasure, but honestly I decided to give myself a break. I want to get better at kyudo, I have to keep up with work, and I am pushing myself really hard to become fluent in Korean. I took a class in college and was at the top of my class, but I stopped studying the language when I came to Japan to study abroad. However, now I have a good reason to study it.

I have been watching a lot of Korean TV recently. I watched The Heirs with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, and last night I just finished My Love from Another Star, which was fantastic as well. I feel like the ending to The Heirs was on the cheesier side, while My Love from Another Star had a more realistic wrap-up. I am also watching Roommate, which is incredibly entertaining. I never liked EXO before watching the show because I was already a fan of so many kpop groups, but I really like watching Chanyeol on the show. He adds an element of youth that the show really needs.

Hopefully the typhoon doesn’t make me become a shut in, but hey, I have Korean to study and dramas to watch.

I hope everyone has fun gearing up for summer! I am exercising almost every day now in order to be in shape for hiking and swimming that will most likely occur in Korea.

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