The First Year of Marriage – Part 3

Nine months have passed since our wedding day, and although I feel like it’s been a while since that day, I also think the months have flown by.

Lately, my husband and I have been trying to budget our money, so I’m the one who keeps tabs on how much we spend. It’s helping me to feel more independent and in control, and I learn a lot when I’m calculating the price of things here in Korea.

We also feel renewed now that it’s 2017, and both of us have goals for this year. My husband, who works crazy hours like the typical Korean businessman, comes home late and works on Saturdays. He usually wants to rest (aka do nothing) when he gets home, but his company is growing, and he’s hopeful that he will have more time in the evenings. His goal is to exercise more, and I support him in getting some sweat-induced endorphins.

He also wants me to exercise with him, and although I’ve been doing yoga and stretching lately, he insisted that we join a gym. We live in a neighborhood that is always opening new businesses, and we just got a fitness center down the street. It’s so close that it will remind us to go, and they offer yoga and Pilates as well as personal training. I was hesitant about signing up, because I know most people sign up for memberships in January but never go, but I’m actually excited to get started.

I still haven’t signed up for taekwondo, but after a few months at the gym, if we have the money and the time (and energy) I still have that as a goal for myself. I like to keep myself in check, and taekwondo is something that motivates me to better myself. Hopefully I can get into shape and start working toward my next belt.

We are also getting ready for our American wedding this year, and it’s been decided who out of his family members will join us. I am excited but also stressed because our wedding last year was so easy and none of the planning responsibility fell onto me. Thankfully, I have a lot of help and support back in the States, so I’m sure everything will go well.

Also, my mother-in-law is starting to visit other churches, which means that she probably won’t stay at the church she’s been making Junkyu (and for a while – me) go to. Thankfully, that means that Junkyu and I can start going to church together. I was going to an English service for a while, but I’d like to check out a Korean church he has in mind. My Korean is a lot better these days, and I’d like to make more Korean friends, so going to church with him at a mostly Korean church might be a good idea for both of us.

This past weekend, we both woke up energized to clean and organize the house. Both of us are bad about accumulating things, and we don’t have that much room for junk, so it felt good to get rid of all the stuff that has been weighing us down.

Our two furbabies, Penny and Beast, sometimes drive us crazy, but it’s been fun sharing videos and pictures with Junkyu during the day of their antics. I think he likes having the cats a lot more, now that they are settled in and we don’t have to take so many trips to the vet. Last year was really stressful, but I’m hoping our cats will be lifelong buddies.

I’m slowly getting better at cooking, and I’m feeling more adventurous these days. Korean food is still a mystery to me, but Junkyu always boasts to his family that I can make a few decent Korean meals that he likes. I just wish he’d come home more often around dinner time to eat them with me. If I cook for one, I end up eating spaghetti.

The next time I do one of these updates, it will be on our one year marriage anniversary! I almost still can’t believe we are married. Going from being a long-distance couple to being engaged to being married was a lot in a short amount of time. However, I’m thankful that I have an amazing partner to be there by my side through all of the things life takes us through.

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