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Less than two months until baby! I’m 31 weeks pregnant now.

A while back, Junkyu and I went to a baby fair where there were tons of booths and businesses catering to those in need of baby stuff. They had strollers, car seats, bottles, etc. and one of the booths was set up by a photo studio that does maternity, baby, and kids’ pictures. Their pictures look great, so we decided to sign up for a package that included maternity photos as well as newborn photos, 50 days after birth, and 100 days after birth photos.

Korea has tons of photo studios and it’s very common to get photos done before your wedding, like we did with our pre-wedding photos, and by far the most popular are baby photos! When I made the appointment, I remember thinking, “Wow, that is a really long time from now,” but also, “Isn’t that too soon for photos? Will my belly be big by then?”

Thankfully, having now done them, I am glad we made our appointment for when we did. I already feel huge! And it feels like the baby will be here any day, but at the same time, I feel like I barely have enough time to get everything ready! It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time in our lives.

The studio did my hair and makeup, and Junkyu went out and got a haircut, too. We were really busy that day – Junkyu had to work, even though it was a Saturday, and then I had one of my routine doctor’s visits. Thankfully, the baby is in a good position (head down) and it calmed my nerves a bit before the photoshoot.

The staff at the photo studio were so nice, and they of course remembered me and said I had such a pretty bump now! The last time they saw me, I was only about 12 or so weeks pregnant. I walked in and saw tons of families there with their kids and babies, and there were racks of baby clothes along the wall. I can’t wait until I’m ready to take my newborn back there to show everyone and to take photos!

They let me choose three dresses, and Junkyu wore some nice clothes he brought. Thankfully, I had him bring two different colored shirts so we could have different color coordinating options. I picked a navy dress, a pink dress, and a white dress. I even got to wear a tiara and a flower crown for some of them!

Looking at the photos, it feels strange to see myself pregnant and bigger. It was nice to get dolled up and pose, but it was a lot of hard work getting into certain positions and wearing heels for the pictures. Thankfully, the staff helped me get up, sit down, put the shoes on, etc. and everything went smoothly.

It’s so funny how awkward my husband is when it comes to posing for pictures! He has a hard time faking a smile so I had to tell jokes sometimes to get him to laugh naturally.

All in all, I’m glad I got some nice pictures with me and the baby bump! It’s crazy that two months from now, it won’t just be the two of us anymore!

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  1. Wow, that looks so nice. I never did any of thst. You will so enjoy the pictures. You look beautiful! I hope to see your little one!

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